Having a Poise Moment and being real about LBL

1 in 3 woman experience light bladder leaks .

I am one of them. Tonight I had the opportunity to be in a room with so many honest moms sharing their stories and it reminds me of why I do what I do, and that is to start a dialogue and empower moms and women to feel good about themselves. There is no shame, in LBL, and I hope whoever is struggling knows that they are not alone because there are solutions. And we all fell in love 💜with Jessica Shepherd md and Sarah Haag.

Disclosure: This is post in partnership with Poise, all opinions are our own.

A Dad With The MOMS…

A Dad With The MOMS…I’m cool with that…I like it..”- Michael Strahan. I’m cool with it too! We spoke about kids and social media, co-parenting with an ex, his clothing line with JCPenney, kids playing football and wait til you see and hear how he answered my kid’s questions and what he said about them! But my favorite part of our convo for next week’s #TheMOMSPodcast was when I asked about his career path…

Michael – “You can’t be afraid to try new things. Even what you’re doing. You’re stepping out and creating something that wasn’t there before …you’re trying to make something bigger and create a business for yourself and that’s the same thing …opportunities come your way and you can’t be afraid to take them. We always discourage ourselves and encourage other people. You tell your kids….’You can do anything you want to do.’ Just go for it. Then when it comes to yourself you have doubts.

We have to change our frame of mind and think the way we encourage others. That’s what I’ve learned to do. Of course I’m scared. I’m not an expert at everything. And asked to do things that take you out of your comfort level. Those are the things that take you to the next level. I just go for it and if it doesn’t work, I learned from it”.

As a dad who does it all, we met Michael Strahan on the set of the commercial shoot of his two menswear collections available exclusively at JCPenney. Collection by Michael Strahan, a line of men’s tailored clothing and accessories and MSX by Michael Strahan, a new line of men’s athleisure apparel.  Collection offers stylish and distinctive assortment of tailored suit separates, sport coats, dress shirts, neckwear, belts and accessories including tie clips, cuff links, socks, wallets and shoes.

MSX by Michael Strahan offers a stylish yet functional assortment of apparel that is changing the rules of clothing to wear what you want, wherever you want and still look and feel great – from performance muscle tees and tech knit shorts to polos and chino pants.

With approximately 190 SKUs the assortment continues to expand, and is now offering a range of styles for boys starting at size 8. Both collections are available in 500 stores and jcpenney.com.

P-L-A-Y is Everything!

P-L-A-Y is Everything! Getting involved is everything! Doing it with my kids is everything! Our imaginations were hard at work! We joined this incredible school Foundation Academies in Trenton to dream up the perfect playground and in August we will join this community to make it a reality thanks to Dr Pepper Snapple Group through its Let’s Play program!

My 12-year-old Jaron and I took part in the planning. We measured the area of what is now the parking lot that will be turned into the playground with help from Kaboom. A safe playground that kids can enjoy for years to come.

We sat with the kids as they learned about their options for the space and drew pictures of their dream areas and activities. We cheered them on and encouraged them to design whatever they wanted as junior architects. We will be on hand to join their community and volunteers from Dr Pepper Snapple to turn some of the designs into a reality on Aug. 18. Volunteers will also sort and pack new sports equipment with Good Sports inc to distribute to several local youth-serving organizations to make active play a priority.


Captain Underpants Mamarazzi

Today more than ever we are fighting technology, especially with our kids.  Pushing books down their throats is not ideal, but unfortunately we are living in new times with new battles. So when a character like Captain Underpants enters your world with characters like Professor PoopyPants, it is hard to not love this series and wild superhero.

The film is a surprising gem with the biggest laughs and it has the biggest heart.  Parents you too will be hysterical….take a sneak peek at our Captain Underpants Mamarazzi event with the filmakers.

A Minute With The MOMS: Naomi Watts

The MOMS hosted Naomi Watts for a Mamaraazzi event for her new film The Book of Henry, which comes out next month and boy are there some twists. Naomi, who has two sons, told our audience that she reads all the movie reviews before she lets her kids watch,  and click on our Minute With The MOMS to learn how she is burning 🔥 off the working mom guilt.

Gilda’s Club NYC

One of the reasons I was able to get though my #FutureCancerSurvivor journey was because of all of you. That’s exactly what Gilda’s Club NYC is…a community for patients, survivors and their families.

This was my 1st time hosting an event of this magnitude…and as honored and grateful as I was….I was equally as nervous. I think I did pretty well…but the most important part is they raised more money than expected and more people and families will be helped. I loved being there. Gerri Willis from Fox Business was one of a few honored and we bonded over how un-important hair is (tho she is rocking her real hair and I’m still loving my wigs)! We have more in common than #breastcancer – apparently we both wear @lapetitrobemi and I’m grateful to now have her in my life as another surviving friend! Thx to Bill Ritter for the intro to Gilda’s Club and please let your friends who are on their own cancer journey know, they are not alone! #survivor #myBrEaSTyear


We have some BIG NEWS…

We are SO EXCITED, we have been dying to share this and today is the day! On the heels of our 200th Mamarazzi event (Drum Roll)….Mamarazzi will now be a new TV series with People and Entertainment Weekly! Press Release below. This has been a labor of love and thrilled to give birth to our new show. Thank you Jeff Tahler and Shawn Sachs.

(NEW YORK, May 10, 2017) — Time Inc.’s People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) today announced a Mother’s Day themed programming slate that includes the highly-anticipated new live streaming six-episode series “Mamarazzi” – premiering with guest star Alicia Silverstone on Monday, May 15 at 2:00 PM ET

“Mamarazzi” is a new live streaming six-episode series hosted by Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein, aka The MOMS. Featuring a candid interview with a celebrity guest star in front of a New York City-based studio audience of moms and mom bloggers, “Mamarazzi” is the streaming extension of the wildly successful live events in which The MOMS chat with celebrities about their leading personal role as mom or dad, the hilarity and hardships of parenting and their latest big summer film release. Viewers will have the opportunity to join the town hall-like discussion on parenting and entertainment from afar via Burst video comments and Twitter. At launch, Denise and Melissa talk with Alicia Silverstone about motherhood and her film, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.” Stream the premiere episode on Monday, May 15 at 2:00 PM ET, join the conversation using #Mamarazzi and submit video questions via burst.com/mamarazzi.

“Mamarazzi” is produced by Time Inc. in partnership with Denise and Melissa along with Jeff Tahler and Shawn Sachs of Madica Productions.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Mamarazzi

What a treat…. a chocolatey fun afternoon with Dylan’s Candy Bar and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Mamarazzi! It began with a delicious pre-party at Dylan’s Candy Bar, followed by a conversation on stage after the show (see The Moms for the video) and then hanging with our crew and the cast!

To have the same experience that our guests did please visit Dylan’s Candy Bar to purchase the “Broadway’s Golden Ticket” Package at Dylan’s Candy Bar with tickets to see CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!
Let us know your experience.

(Outfit: TheStyleDuo & Amanda Uprichard 📷 Jonathan Breton)




The moms hosted Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn for a Mamaraazzi event for their new film Snatched. The actresses sat down with The MOMS to dish on the film and during the interview Amy admitted “her uterus remains empty for now, but she would like to have kids someday.”

Click below for typical Schumer Humor, and you may want to make sure the kids aren’t in the room before you click play.

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn interview on The MOMS Podcast for Snatched Movie.

Amy Schumer may not be a mom but she told The MOMS she works hard on that, why she made Snatched (and so much more!).

Goldie Hawn told The MOMS Podcast at their Mamarazzi event for Snatched with Orville Redenbacher’s about her return to acting, the kids she helps around the world and about being a grandma!

You can listen to the WHOLE interview on The MOMS Podcast.

Let’s start a Facebook #DanceForBreastCancerChallenge!

Friends! Let’s start a Facebook #DanceForBreastCancerChallenge. Thank you to my dear friend Lisa Sharkey for the suggestion after seeing this video.

Dancing into my surgery took away anxiety & fear & though I have NO dancing moves…my #workwife leads the way & I started dancing this year with her like no one is watching but everyone should!

My kids only allow me to dance in public on my birthday but after surviving Breast Cancer my kids will have to learn to live with me dancing through life. Now we want to see you DANCE because it makes everything better. Because I want to remind you to check yourselves. Read your reports in full (I didn’t). Listen to your body (I had a bump that hurt. It was cancer). Support your friends. Support someone who needs your love and help.

Support Breast Cancer Research and even a dollar helps if you want to honor #myBreastYear and my 2017 Survivor Impact Award with Susan G. Komen

WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEE DANCE?  Give them a Dance Shout Out!

Austria and Musen Family Roots

I grew up as Melissa Musen. I loved the sound of it. I knew that our name Musen was Austrian and that our ancestors were from Austria, but from where?

Shortly after I was married, I became Melissa Gerstein and missed my maiden name Musen.  Then I became a mother and as my children grew up they started to ask me questions about my side of the family; the Musen Family.

I spoke with my dad often about his Austrian roots, and we had very little information.  He visited Austria years ago and found nothing. But I was curious, I wanted my children to see Austria with their grandparents.  We decided with lots of planning to set out on an adventure to explore Austria and all its glory.

We boarded Austrian Airlines, all 7 of us! It was my family of 5 and my parents from St. Louis.  Even the flight was fun with the activities and sweets they offer kids.  You live once and life is short so we went with excitement and the unknown.

We flew overnight and arrived into Vienna with the most beautiful Spring Day! We checked into the Hotel Altstadt, which was one of the most magnificent hotels we have ever stayed at.  It’s a boutique hotel with 45 suites that are all individually designed right in the heart of all the Vienna attractions.  Everywhere you look you feel like you’re in “old Europe” with an artistic modern flair.  According to my son, it was “the coolest” place we have ever stayed.

We headed out and had a wonderful brunch at Café Ulrich and then walked straight to the Ring, which surrounds the historical city.  The kids were totally in awe.  Everywhere you looked there was such beauty and history.  They were a bit tired from the flight so we were able to take a horse and carriage ride with a guide who explained all the history and sights we were taking in.  This included Imperial Palace, City Hall and the gorgeous State Opera House.  We pushed through the day and had an early Italian dinner and fell asleep dreaming about Vienna.

We woke early and Dad headed to City Hall to find out more about our Musen Family. He found nothing and that possibly our name had been changed.  That left us all a bit sad of course. We then had a delicious buffet breakfast that is included at The Hotel Altstadt and met a guide who took us through Judeplatz (old Jewish Vienna).  We stopped by the oldest synagogue, took in the Jewish Museum and also found many Easter Markets along the way with candy and treats for the kids.  From the foods and sweets to our favorite Café Dilgas, Spring time in Vienna was simply marvelous.  We took the kids to Haus der Musik which is an interactive sound museum where we could all learn more about Mozart and other musical composers who came from Austria.  Following our afternoon of music, we stopped at Café Mozart, which is where we also found the Sacher TorteThe Sacher Hotels and their chocolate torte is the best chocolate cake I have ever had in my entire life.

Next stop, we headed to Graz.  This is the city not to be missed while in Austria.  Our children actually loved Graz the most.  This train ride to this medieval town in the South of Austria was one of the most beautiful train rides I have ever experienced.  We found ourselves taking photos outside the train windows the entire time.  You pass through these old villages that make you feel as if you are inside a painting.  Graz is like a hidden treasure for families.  We checked into the Hotel Wiesler, which is right in the heart of town and quite a special little boutique hotel.  We had a late lunch at their restaurant Speisesaal and it did not disappoint.  Make sure you order the chocolate ball if you find yourself dining with them.

That afternoon we wandered and shopped in this charming city.  The kids found some Austrian gifts that included a dress from Gerstner’s, and a famous chocolate shop, Linzbichler.  Of course it was all gone by the time we got back to the hotel.  The most incredible thing to do in Graz was to visit the top of Schlossberg and the old clock tower.  This was the most memorable day in Graz.  The views from the top and the funicular up and down were truly magical.  We did visit the City Hall before our next stop to try and find out more about our Musen family and we came up empty handed.  I could see that my Dad was disappointed, and I told him we would not give up.

After Graz, we adventured onto Salzburg, the “City of Mozart.”  Yes, also the home of Sound of Music but home to so much more.  We took the train and headed straight to The Sacher hotel for breakfast. It was like stepping back into time or into an old painting.  We had coffee and a delicious brunch and then walked across the street to The Mirabell Palace and Gardens, which was an original shooting location for The Sound of Music.  Following the gardens we went to Hohensalzburg Fortress, which is the biggest preserved castle in Central Europe. We took the funicular up and walked around admiring the Alps and the views!  We also visited the Marionette Museum, which was one of my “favorite things”, and I actually tried to work one of the puppets, it was like being in that famous scene in The Sound of Music.

We toured as much of Salzburg as we could.  But to be honest, you could easily sit in a café and have a glass of wine and look out at the Alps all day too.  We did that at the end of our day.

For our last night in Vienna we stayed at the Pension Sacher apartments, which is a wonderful alternative when traveling with a family.   They are located in the heart of Stephansplatz right in the center of Vienna, with full kitchens and views of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.  They even have a washing machine, which is quite handy when traveling abroad with children.  On our last evening, we celebrated my baby’s birthday, which topped off the entire trip!  She got to celebrate for 30 hours since we left Vienna on her birthday and arrived back home to New York City on the same day.  The captain on Austrian Airlines even wished her a Happy 8th Birthday too.  Maybe we will get to celebrate her birthday again one day in Austria.  Maybe we will be able to find our Musen family ancestors one day too.  But what we do know is that Austria is our greatest family trip thus far and we cannot wait to return to #FeelAustria again.




…as Christy Turlington Burns joins us. (It’s been 6 years since we first met at one of our first events ever!). Did you know she almost died after giving birth?

Since then, she is saving moms around the world because Every Mother Counts!!! How does she get her kids involved? Would she change her experience? Is she guilty when she travels? (Hint hint hint – she tells us something about her husband Ed Burns that will make us love them more!).

Also The MOMS DO YOUR HOMEWORK! On each Podcast, The MOMS share helpful information to make your life easier. A new app. A story in the news that will change your life. A safety tip. A parenting tip….and MORE! Don’t miss this on every PODCAST! PLEASE SHARE and email moms@themoms.com to join the show! https://itun.es/us/KN9Fib.c

This Mom, a Recent Quadruple Amputee, Is Now Fighting to Survive

In June 2016, Ilysa Winick contracted a rare blood disease that caused her body to go into septic shock, shutting down her vital organs. Now, she needs your help.

I’ve learned so much this year. My journey began in December 2015, when I decided to call myself a #FutureCancerSurvivor. I’m now almost done with treatment (though it really never ends) and can call myself a survivor. I recently wrote that though it was my worst year, it was also #myBrEaSTyear. I’ve learned throughout my journey from so many of you. Your openness inspired me. Your own challenges taught me. Your survivor stories makes me want to keep hearing and sharing more. Your stories of survivorship will help others survive.

So I decided to share just of few of your stories on my latest episode of The MOMS podcast.

Read the Full story at GoodHousekeeping.com.

#myBrEaSTyear celebration

I choose my family. I choose my friends. Thank you Amanda Uprichard for making my dream shirt. Thank you Nelson Braff for this special night at Southern Hospitality. I planned this last minute party though treatment is not done for a month but it was on an off NBA night for my dad. I keep my mom pretty busy between my work as our attorney and the kids but she changed her plans too.

Luckily David Blaine was in town prepping for his upcoming tour. My brother had a home Ranger game. My #workwife and I took a break from Mamarazzi and our podcast. While missing some, so many of my friends celebrated with me. The biggest stars…my two boys…who worked the room like pros and clearly like a good party..like their mom.

Thank YOU. All of you.  

#survivor #futurecancersurvivor 📷 Jonathan Breton (and thx Hanky Panky too).

Multi Generational Travel at Generations

Recently a friend mentioned to me that I travel with my parents a lot. The truth is I travel with them any chance I can get. First of all, time is precious as we all know, and when you have parents who adore your children, you want them to share in every moment possible. I also travel with my folks all the time because we don’t live in the same city.

Any school break or vacation we have, we all just want to be together. We met my parents, and sister’s family down in Riviera Maya last month at Generations by Karisma. The kids had off for February break and we decided to all meet in Mexico. I had never been to a Karisma property and I was excited to explore all of their offerings.

One of my favorite things about Generations is that it feels like a boutique hotel. It is an all-inclusive resort that feels private and secluded. You don’t have to walk miles to get to the beach it is literally steps away from your room. You don’t have to race to get chairs at the pool, there are plenty and you don’t feel crowds of people. This is because there are only 144 rooms that are oversized ocean front suites and they include Butler service.

Vacations mean something different to everyone. My work wife, Denise Albert craves action. She is looking for every water slide she can get her body onto and every zip line out there. I on the other hand want relaxation and that is exactly what we did. Our group plopped ourselves on the beach in a cabana and read, swam, walked the beach for shells and snorkeled. We never left the property (found no reason to do so) and we just took in the scenery and loved the quiet.

Now there are incredible activities to be found at Generations. Our son joined a cooking class, played beach volleyball daily and basketball poolside. There is also a Kids Club, if you want to duck into the Spa, which is exactly what we did. We had the most magnificent massages on the beach! But one of the most unexpected highlights of the trip was the entertainment at night. We were blown away by the Brazilian performance group that got us up and out of our seats dancing as well as the Casino night for families.

Generations made our multi generational get away relaxing, extra easy and extra luxurious. The bonus of traveling with your parents is that mom and dad (aka us, the parents) get a vacation too.